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What is this mark on my leg?

I was wondering what this mark is on my leg.  It appeared about a year ago, appears flat, but under the surface has a small feeling of being raised.  It is a purplish red color, with the appearance of dry skin on the top.  It is slightly tender to the touch.  It almost looks like a bruise, but it has been there too long and I know it is not.  
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I don't see anything alarming, but then I'm an old guy and my skin is in general showing wear-and-tear.  

If it doesn't itch or spread I would just ignore.

That said, and being an old guy, I usually visit a dermatologist once a year as part of my annual physical exam.  I point to lots of blemishes, commonly called "age spots" and the doctor either freezes them to help remove then or says "nothing to worry about" and I suppose the cost to remove them exceeds the benefit - regardless who pays.  So, mostly limit cosmetic work to my face, and a few spots on my back... nothing on my legs, but then I'm a old...oh yes, I already told you that.

It may be my poor eyesight or the quality of the picture, but your concern looks to be about a minor blemish - hope is nothing worse.  Checking with a doctor who will make a physical test is always the best when we are worried.
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Hi, my daughter had exactly the same thing, after a biopsy she was diagnosed with a rare skin cancer called dermatoma fibrosarcoma protuberant. (Dfsp) for short. Please go and get it checked out and removed as soon as you can, it's very rare and our dermatologist had never heard of it before.

Good luck

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was your daughter able to scratch it off and it would always come back??
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