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Worried about ovarian cancer... Please help!!!

Okay, so I'm only 21, but hear me out:

**First of all, I have an appointment with a physician's assistant at my doctor's office today, so I will be addressing these concerns with him.

So, for about the past month, here are the symptoms I've been experiencing:
-- constant bloating, even though I work out every day for 30-35 minutes on the stationary bike
-- low back pain
-- fatigue
-- I guess this can go along with the bloating: SOMETIMES a somewhat heavy feeling in my stomach, but nothing super noticeable (I think that one is just from me being paranoid)
-- constipation (almost constant throughout the month)
-- it is very rare that I do not have much of an appetite, but that has happened to me once or twice over the past month.
-- very mild acid reflux/heartburn
-- it almost felt like I had somewhat constant PMS. After my period ended in November (it ended on the 15th), I had sore breasts about two days later. I also had very mild cramping and low back pain for a couple of days in the middle of my cycle, so I attributed that to ovulation. I'm pretty sure this could also be due to the fact that I increased my thyroid medication about 3-5 days prior to starting my period in November, so that could have messed up my hormones a bit.

Now, here are the conditions that I have that may be responsible for these symptoms:
-- hyperthyroidism. I've had it since I was sixteen, and I just started taking 2 pills per day as opposed to 1. This started about a month ago.
-- IBS. I have constipation-predominant IBS.
-- I normally go to a chiropractor once every couple of months because I have a tendency to get misaligned, but I haven't been since August (I think... I can't quite remember. Either way, it's been a while).

There is NO medical history of ovarian cancer in my family, however my grandmother did have one of her ovaries removed when she was 16 (she's 90 now) due to a tumor that was about the size of a ping pong ball. She said it was not cancerous, but she's also 90 so maybe she doesn't remember. Then again, I would think if it WAS cancerous, she would have had some kind of treatment. Clearly, if she's 90 and still kicking, it couldn't have been cancer.

I'm also a DES granddaughter, and I've read that this can slightly increase your risk of ovarian cancer. I've also read that having hyperthyroidism can increase your risk of ovarian cancer by about 80%, which is scary. However, my numbers are under control and I've only had the disease for about five years. I plan on getting the iodine ablation over the summer.

So, do I have anything to worry about, or can all of this be explained by the more common conditions that I know I have? I'm really worried, so some reassurance would be great. Just for reference, I had my period in December from Dec. 7-12.

Also, for those of you thinking this could be due to pregnancy: it's not. For one thing, I haven't done anything sexual (if you really consider dry sex sexual... which I don't) since September, and as I said, that was with ALL of my clothes on (and my boyfriend had all of his clothes on), plus I had a panty liner on and a tampon in because it was during my period. Just to be 100% sure, I took 2 pregnancy tests, and obviously both were negative.

And as far as family history of ovarian cancer is concerned, like I said, there is no history other than my grandmother having a non-cancerous tumor and one of her ovaries removed at the age of 16. My mom and aunt (who were obviously DES-exposed daughters) are both healthy and have no signs of ovarian cancer. They did have trouble getting pregnant, but that's it. My cousin is 27 and she used to have lots of problems with ovarian cysts, but that's getting better now. She also just had a baby (she got pregnant using 3 forms of birth control, believe it or not).
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I just got home from the doctor. He seems to think it's something to do with my IBS and the fact that I increased my thyroid medicine. He tested me for H. pylori (negative), and he also ran a CBC (to check for anemia) and thyroid tests. He said that none of my symptoms were "red flags." However, if these other tests are negative, I may be calling my gynecologist to set up an appointment. Does anyone else think this is a good idea or am I freaking out too much?
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Dear RedSox722, I think you have a non-cancerous tumor as in the case with your grandmother, and there is nothing to worry about. The problem will be if it's really a cancer but doctors or assistants fail to define proper diagnosis. Then you might think of medical malpractice. But don't worry in that case either cause you can turn to http://student-liability-insurance.com, those guys are really helpful!
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I just found out that my blood work is stable, except that my TSH is low. My doctor is forwarding these results to my endocrinologist so that he can decide what the next step is. Other than that, everything else checked out okay. I also went to the chiropractor yesterday and I am feeling a little bit better. I have a follow-up appointment in a week.

So I take it this means that I was freaking out for no reason and I have nothing to worry about?
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