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anxiety about cancer

Hello all,

I have a few questions about pancreatic cancer. I am 39 , going to be 40 in May, and I am usually between 216 - 221 pounds. Now I weighed myself on Friday afternoon and I was 219 lbs, I went to bed and on Saturday around 12pm I weighed myself and I weighed 209 lbs, now Im not sure if I dropped 10 lbs in one day or if my scale is wrong because I had been around the same weight for the last 3 or so years. Now, I dont have the best eating habits I do have a sweet tooth and drink sodas but I had started to limit them to no more than 3 per week sometimes more and sometimes less, I had been really busy at work so I have not worked out much since I would say mid November except I play hockey twice a week and was getting in the occasional workout. It says that pancreatic cancer symptoms can include pain in the stomach and back, now I want to know what kind of pain and is it sometimes or a constant pain because I have had slight pain in my sides and to a lesser extent in my lower abdomen but its really nothing I notice unless I am thinking about it, I am very anxious and worried, its really freaking me out right now because I have 3 young kids, any answers from people who know what they are talking about would be greatly appreciated.
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I forgot to mention that I had been diagnosed with kidney stones in June 2010 but I have yet to get them removed.
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I have posted over 9 hours ago but with no reply, anyone Dr out there that can help me?
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You need to post in the expert forum if you want a physician to answer your question.  

I would say double check your scale for starts.  
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