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atypical cytology results

Just got the results back on my urine cytology taken during a cytoscopy. Results were
Atypical cells present
clusters of atypical urothelial cells, squamous cells, columner cells, and traces of blood
rare degenerative urothelial cells
Neoplasm cannot be ruled out.
My urologist wants to wait two monthes and retest. It seems dangerous to me to wait. I have a lot of pain in left side and bladder region. They say my left kidney is full of stones also, but they cannot cause pain. I don't get it. I have had hematuria for over a year. Is this normal to just wait, or is it because I go to a clinic because I have no insurance? Any input would be helpful. The only thing they visualized on cytoscopy was squamous metaplasia and hemorrages. Thank you for any info.
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Hi.  Since the urine cytology is already suspicious for malignancy, I don't think you need to wait two months to have a re-examination.  By all means, seek a second opinion with another doctor.  It might be better if you can go to one of the hospitals which have cancer centers and urologic oncologists (e.g. MD Anderson).  Sometimes, a cancerous lesion may be missed out on cystoscopy if there are a lot of hemorrhagic areas in the bladder.
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