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breast cancer/ bone scan

i have a very close friend who had an appt tomorrow to schedule her mastectomy for breast cancer - my understanding is that she can not delay this more than a couple of weeks.

She is now scheduled for an early am tomorrow bone scan.  (?)

I am a practicing RN, but I have some confusion and questions.    Why would they now be wanting to do a bone scan unless they suspect bone involvement?   I just need to be prepared to help my friend - I appreciate any input!

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Hi.  Some doctors order a bone scan as routine part of the staging work-up for breast cancer, while other oncologists prefer to have the bone scan done only if the patient manifests with symptoms (e.g. hip and back pains) which would make one suspect the presence of bone metastases.  You can ask your friend's doctor the reasons why he has ordered a scan.  I'm sure he'll be more than willing to explain things to you.
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Thanks Dr. Rogue.   I don't want to alarm by friend by asking to speak with her physician at this time.     She is very fragile right now and very alone in Peurto Rico as well.    But thank you for your input.    I am going to assume her physician is doing this for staging purposes until I hear otherwise.  
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