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breast cancer stage 3

i need to know your point of view of my sister's condition and everything of her cancer please..
first shes 28 yrs old she had bilatral multifocal breast cancer grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma associated with high grade DCIS in the left brast and in the right breast 4 sentinel nodes were negative histology was 24 mm grade 3 tumor with no vascular invasions"" this is part of her medical report and if u need more of her report ill send a copy .. and to let you know she had immediate full mastectomy followed of chemotherapy for six months and now shes on radiation for only the left breast for 5 weeks.. then will be on hormon therapy for 5 years.. and to let you know she had her surgery with surgernt:Gerald Joey in London Clinic.. is this the best for her condition is it goin 2 reacurance?? shes now cancer free.. i need everything you know please..
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I am sorry to hear that your sister had to battle breast cancer at the age of 28. Breast cancer in younger women tends to be more agressive than that occuring in the older age group.
The fact that she had bilateral synchronous cancers at a young age is worrying. However, if a full oncologic surgery is complete, along with chemo and now radiation, then I can assume that she is being treated with a curative intent. Also, you mentioned that she will be put on hormones. This means that she is "Receptor Positive" - this is a good prognostic sign.
Please have her continue on the hormones for the next 5 years, and keep her under close surveillance of the oncologist.
All the best, and God Bless!
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thank  u for ur answer .. but please i need 2 know if the hormons therapy would lead 2 any side effects later? like that her ovaries and her uterus may affected? is it safer 2 remove them??

thank u?
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Hormone therapy means she will need to take tablets for at least 5 years, There are two commonly used groups of drugs now available for hormone therapy in breast cancer patients. The first is tamoxifen and similar compounds, and the second is aromatase inhibitors (leterozole and anastrazole).
Side effect profiles are different in these two are different. Tamoxifen occasionally causes clotting problems like deep vein thrombosis. Also, a few studies have linked it to a slightly increased risk of uterine cancer.
Aromatase inhibitors have been known to cause loss of bone density (osteoporosis).
You may like to discuss the option of "ovarian ablation" with your oncologist. As you know, breast cancer is hormone dependent, and ovaries produce these hormones. The concept of ovarian ablation in treatment of breat cancer argues that by ablating (or stopping the normal function) the ovaries will starve the cancer of its growth signals, and hence reduce the chance of recurrence.
All the best!
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