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breast lump, scared please help

I'm a 23 year old woman, healthy up until now.  I just went to the doctor last week because I found a breast lump on my left side, almost in the underarm area.  The doctor couldn't find it at first, but when I put his hand on it, he did.  He said that it moves but I don't think it does.  I think it was because I was laying down and it is bigger when I stand up and feel with my arm over my head.  I noticed it about a month ago, waited a month because I had heard that your menstrual cycle can cause lumpiness.  It was still there after my cycle.  The doctor found an area further up on that side of the chest that he described as "thickening tissue" but not a lump. I have a mammogram in two weeks.  I'm so scared that I am going to die or have my breasts cut off, and I don't have money for a reconstruction, I only make 7 dollars an hour.  So then I would look ugly and no one would ever want me.  Please help if anyone has any ideas about what I could do.  I smoked cigarettes from when I was 18 till I was 22 and I think I have cancer from it.  I don't have any family (they are all dead) and I don't have any friends. I just moved to a new city and don't know anyone here.  What can I do, I am going crazy.  I am at work crying right now.  I drink a lot of caffeine, like 3 or 4 cups of coffee and soda every day.  Could that have given me breast cancer?  What can I do?  If I don't have money will they give me good treatment, or just let me die?  Please, please help me feel better. :(  The lump isn't rock hard, the doctor said it was "almost squishy", but I think it would be softer if it were a cyst.

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Don't worry too much.
You'll have your mammogram in two weeks.  
If your mammogram shows suspicious of malignancy, you'll undergo further diagnostic procedures to confirm the findings.
Good luck.
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Is there a Christian Evangelical Church in your city? Please seek a caring friend there.

A strong belief in God the Creator of heaven and earth -and YOU -will help much.
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