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could I have thyroid cancer????

i have a small nodule on my thyroid according to the u/s is measures .5 x.3 x .4cm and the ultrasound also stated that i have some prominent lymph nodes the largest one is 5.2mm x 2.6mm. I went into the doctor because i have been having the feeling of something sitting on my throat right under my adams apple and it just doesn't feel right when swallow. The dr. called and said she wanted me to get a CT and to make an appt with the endo because she wants a biopsy the node since i have swollen lymphs as well it makes her concerned. Even though the nodule is small why am is my throat so bothered?? what are the chances of this being cancer and if it is what will be done? thank you in advance.
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Thyroid cancer is the most common cancer of the endocrine gland cancers. Tumours are offen curable and the prognosis is good for patients identified with early stage disease. Some of them have bad prognosis.
After you do a a Fine Needle aspiration cytology(FNAC) you would know the prognosis.
Thyroid nodules are readily palpable and that is the reason they allow early diagnosis and detection by biopsy and FNAC.
The lymph nodes are also enlarged.
In your condition that is why you did not feel nice to swallow and you went for diagnosis.
Waiting for the biopsy report is the only way out.
Take care!
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