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okay, so i know this was awhile back and most people would tell me to get over it but i cant.
my mother 5-6years ago died of pancreatic cancer and i was wondering if anyone has survived from that type of cancer and if there is any way to prevent or cure someone of that type.
i understand that this might seem like a silly question but im curious and i want to know that the doctors truly did all they could for my mother to help her and not hold anything back. all they had her go through was chemo and after that she just laid in the hospital bed until she requested to come home and passed.
even though my mother died quite some time ago, i still cant get over her death until i know everything about why she is gone and how can  this happen to her. i just want to know what causes it and what cures or treatments are there.
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First off I am very sorry to hear about your mother. I don't know a lot about pancreatic cancer but I do know that it is one of the worst ones.  It is a lot like ovarian cancer in the way that it usually does not show symptoms untell the cancer has become really bad and is basically to the point that it can not be cured.  I don't know anything about your mothers case but just remember that she is in a place now where she feels no more pain.  I know it is hard to go on with out her but I am sure she would not want you beating yourself up over her death.  She would want you to go on and live your life and be happy. I wish you luck with everything.
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thank you and i didnt mean for you to feel sorry for me i just want to know whether or not the doctors did everything they could for her
and by the information you gave me, i believe that they did and i thank you for your comment. you put my mind in some ease
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