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growing lump in lower right abdomen

i have a lump in my right lower abdomen. it was the size of a almond when i first noticed it about 3 months ago. it is now about the size of an orange. there is no pain when i press it, but it does twinge now & again. i feel a heaviness/pressure in the area it is. at night i have aching hips & legs which can wake me/keep me awake. i also have back pain  but this is not constant.
10 weeks ago i had servere pain just above my pubic bone which woke me from my sleep. i was bent double with pain. i was sweating, felt sick and felt faint. after 20 mins & calling nhs direct the pain gradually went.
Last nov i had a mireva fitted to help with heavy periods & bleeding in bewteen periods. This has been great. my periods are light & pain free, & no bleeding in between. The only side effect really is that I have gained weight especially around my tummy.
I'm thinking i may have a fibroid as these do run in my family, and dont need medical attention.
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If you were my mother or sister, I'd tell you to please see an OBGYN immediately, so I'm asking you as a friend.  You're right, there is a possibility it's not that serious, but you won't know for sure until you get it checked out. Please let me know.

Peace and Love,

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I too thought I had a fibroid and managed to live with it for over a year, but it had grown so large that I opted for removal, which I am glad I did as it turned out to be a tumor. You should go to your Doctor and ask him to do an ultra sound to see if they can at least determine if it is a fibriod and then have it removed.
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