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hard lump lump worried

My husband is 42 yrs old, and 2 weeks ago noticed a FIRM (not rock hard) oval lump around 1.3cm by1.8cm behind his left ear.  It's a hard place to explain,It is right in that soft spot directly under the earlobe, right up in  the soft bit where the crease is right up near ear cartilage. Went to Doctors he said its not the paritod gland and he said alhough its firm, it moves slightly he said it was a cyst, he said its smooth and oval . He stated it was not cancer, but to prove that its a cyst he said  to have an ultrasound. I asked him  many time while he was checking it, that is he quite sure its not cancer. And he said its not cancer. He said it would be rare to get a cancer there well very rare. I do trust my doctor as he is fantastic. I have booked hubby in for ultrasound, but in the mean time we are still really worried. Could you please give us some information regarding lumps in this area. its not on the mastoid bone or partiod gland. its directly up under the ear in the crease near the start of the jaw. in that soft bit.
Thanks heaps waiting for your reply.
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Just found out its a tumor
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I'm so sorry. I really hope the best for you two and that you can get through this. I'll pray for you.
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