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hard lump on upper rib


am 21 years old and have a question, but here is my story first:
I after I got married (3.5 years ago) my huband noticed a hard lump on my 1st or second rib (its the one between colorbone and breast).
I went to a house doctor and he just told me that I probably bruised my rib (he did not take an xray).
It never hurt and I stopped paying attention to it.
Now 3 years later the lump is still there, and I sometimes feel presure on that rib (its not pain though).
I am to scarred to go to a doctor evan though I know I should,
could that be bone caner for so long????? PLEASE SEND SOME ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!

sorry if there are spelling mistakes, I am german national and try to learn how to write still am 21 years old and have a question, but here is my story first:
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I have the same thing as Alice. A lump on my first rib right below my collar bone above my breast. I originally found it in 2009. My doctor did an xray and mammogram and diagnosed it as Costichondritis. Over the years, I have experienced episodes that are worsening and becoming more frequent of pressure, discomfort and slight sharp pains and it has grown. I finally saw a second doctor and went for another X-ray and a ct scan that both came back normal. Still I know there is something there. I also have hypothyroidism so I have symptoms of fatigue, weakness, memory loss, which I've attributed to the hypothyroidism. What should I do next? Bone scan? See an orthopedic? I'm worried it could be Paget's disease or bone cancer, which could have been overlooked. Please advise me on what my next step should be. I'm at a loss!
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I have the SAME THING in the exact SAME SPOT on the rib between my collar bone and breast. I also have a super weird bump on my hyoid bone (right in the middle of my neck). I keep getting all of these flu like symptoms and like yeast infections and I feel fatigued fast. I thought I had mono. But I never seem to get better and my white blood count is neither high nor low so it isn't an infection or a virus. And I've been coughing up like a white foamy mucus and it could be thrush? But like did you ever figure out what you had?
What could I have does anyone know??
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Has the lump increased in size in these 3 years?
If it were due an injury it would have healed by now. It is advisable that you schedule an appointment with a doctor at your earliest and undergo a clinical examination and possibly some tests like X ray and CT scan.
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That is utter tripe Bobby. It could very well be cancer, as in Osteosarcoma patients are always diagnosed late--sometimes 3 or 4 years after noticing a swelling. Mainly because doctors never do a scan. The bad thing is the survival chances decrease as each year goes by without being diagnosed. If you have a lump on a bone, get it scanned!!
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Hi Alice,
It is very unlikely that the lump you noticed 3 years ago in your rib is bone cancer. Osteosarcomas, Ewings sarcomas, and other bone cancers are more aggressive and fast-growing. Also, they occur more commonly in children and adolescents.
I think your doctor is right that some trivial injury as a more likely cause.
Just to put your mind at ease, you could visit a doctor, and get an xray taken. It will reassure you.
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