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hard lump under jaw

hi i have posted on the dental page but im guessing this aint dental i had for over a month a very hard lump felt like on my jaw bone didnt move and wasnt sore came on gradually i actully thought it was a tooth thats why i wasnt to bothered about going to drs quick but i ended up i went to the dentist and he didnt know what it was he mentioned lymph nodes but have been unwell or anything and this had been there for quite a while so he gave me a course of strong antibiotics that i toke for 5 days finished 2 days ago but the lump was still there so i went to the dr and she didnt know either but toke blood to do some tests get the results back on thursdays. cut a long story short when i woke up the lump seemed to have went down or so i thought but i have actully noticed its started moving off the bone and throughout today its actully went into the inside of my jaw bone can still feel it if i press on it its still hard but im scared that its gonna keep moving up and the drs will think its gone if they dont feel it and they dont know what it is yet and was wondering if any1 else has been in this situation i dont think the lump has went down any i think its just moved off the bone so is less noticable.
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I am 17 years old and I have a similar issue. I have other jaw problems as well. My jaw pops and shifts, it doesn't always ache but it does some days. I have a small lump right above the socket, next to my ear on the right side of my jaw. My dentist said it is a plate that should be between my jaw bone and the socket which is what is causing my jaw to pop. But I also noticed a few months ago that I have a lump under/behind my jaw, also on the right side. It moves around. I never thought much of it because it didn't really hurt, whenever my jaw ached I assumed it was because of the displaced plate and I thought the lump might be linked to that issue. But I have a bad cold at the moment and now the entire right side of my jaw is terribly sore, when I feel the lump under my jaw, it now hurts. I don't know if this is a swollen gland? I usually assume the worst and think cancer although I know it can't be true. If anybody knows what this might be it would help. My parents don't take my jaw issues seriously and probably won't take me to the doctor any time soon..
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