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help please im only 15 ??

hello everyone
i am 15 years old and today for some reason i just touched my neck and i found this small pea sized lump on the right side like 2 inches away from my shoulder. i hurts and aches if i touch it. and my shoulder then aches afterwards.
i was tested for type 1 diabetes a while ago because i have symptoms like:
-sleeping like all the time
-drinking lots of water
-extreme headaches
-numbing in my hands
and the list goes on :(
i have a history of lymphoma and thyroid cancer in my family, my aunt had it when she was my age
i am very scared and i was wondering if you could help :S
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I am not a doctor but my friend also had Cancer in her family and just recently within the last two years she lost her grandmother and her mother to cancer!! She just three weeks ago died of Stage 4 Lymphoma! I would def suggest that you go to a doc immediately and let them run tests!! She was only 44!! I couldn't imagine you being so young with it but if it runs in your family you shouldn't wait at all and go as soon as possible!! Don't wait cause your scared or don't have any money!! Get un scared and find some money cause your health is so important and you don't need to wait when you have info like that!! I wish you the best hun!!
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I just wanted to say that you shouldn't get ahead of yourself here.  You need to clear your head and talk to someone like your parents and figure out what the next step should be. Make an appointment and tell the doctor your family history.  One thing Ive learned is not to get too worried unless your doctor tells you there's a reason to be ok?
The symptoms you describe could be a lot of different things. Make that appointment stay on top of your health and I'm sure things will be fine.
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ohkaay i will make an appointment this week
and btw i live in Canada soo we don't need money
to go to the doctors :P
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i went to the doctors yesterday with my mom and we told him how my aunt had it when she was my age.My mom and i were talking and she told me how she was the one who took my aunt to the hospital, and the doctors at the hospital told my mom that if she didn't take her to the hospital when she did my aunt would have died in a month :(
soo the doctor said to leave it and to wait a month and if anything changes like if it gets bigger or doesn't shrink to call him and he will order a biopsy.  
also when he was examining me he said that my tonsils were enlarged, he asked me if i was feeling ohkay and i was, but when i got home to bed i couldn't fall asleep because i felt really hot, (no sweating) and very nauseous, and i was coughing like there was a tickle in my throat.  
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