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i think i have cancer but not sure help me please

I have this tiny lump I'd say smaller then a pea in the IP of the right side of my tongue that gets bigger and smaller all the time like it swells up then deflates
In the same spot on my tongue it gets numb on and off and I can also trigger it by bending my tongue its not painfully at all and I've had this lump for at least 2 years now and it hasn't gotten any bigger but I've been having symptoms such as fatigued , feeling ill, oral thrush, tongue slightly swollen but not much, some ear pain that's very dull nd quick it only last for a second and I can go days without any pain in my ear at all but I'm thinking all these symptoms could be caused by my bad teeth I have very badly decayed teeth and several abscess teeth in my mouth that have been there for a while and definitely have alot of infection in my teeth
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I understand your concern regarding the symptoms that you mentioned. What initial diagnostic tests were done already? You may benefit from further evaluation by your dentist especially if there are tooth decay  and abscesses  present.  Diagnosis of cancer warrants direct clinical examination and additional tests and at this point, it is difficult to give a definite diagnosis.  Check with your attending physician for proper diagnosis. Take care and do keep us posted.
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