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is this a side effect i need to worry about?

I am very sensitive and most Doctors scoff at that phrase but it's true I just recieved radiaition for thyroid cancer two weeks ago. I had nausea, swollen throat (was put on steroids for a week) my memory has gotten worse, and my hair is falling out. Last week was my first week off the steroids and ever since then I have had 4 bloody noses in a 7 day span, that is not normal for me at all. The last time I can remember having a bloody nose was 2 years ago.... Just this weekend  I had one saturday and then another one sunday and I don't know if it is something I need to look out for? Truthfully, I don't remember the warning signs the nurse gave me when I was released from the hospital and would like to know if it is something I need to look out for? Thank you for your time
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Please get a blood test immediately, to check your platelet levels. Low platelets may cause bleeding.
If your platelet levels are normal, then you need to get an ENT surgeon to look at your nose and see if there is any local cause of bleeding.
Is your blood pressure normal? Have you been on any other medications apart from steroids?
All the best, and God Bless!
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