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life expectancy


I was diagnosed with cerical cancer in July 2007 can you tell me what is the life expectancy without chemo or radiotherapy.

Many thanks
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Hi Solitaire!!

My name is Elizabeth 42 years old. I was DX in Aug/08 with: Advanced~Invasive Squamous cervical cancer that is also in my abdomen and para-aortic lymph nodes stage: 3B/IV, I am in Canada, I too am not taking any "Treatments"!! I went away from hospital and sat on the internet for 16 to 20 hours a day for 2 weeks. I read it all, medical journals, blogs, talked to people who have had relatives who died. Most of the people who's had the cervical cancer died NOT from their cancer but rather from THEIR "Treatments!!!" We went back to doc armed with informed questions, and when that had to answer them, we left and NEVER went back. There are too many complications that WILL happen to you, aside from getting MORE & new cancers from the so called "Treatment" PLUS, after they tell you you are cancer free, they know that you are NOT. within 2 years OR sooner, the cells they didn't/couldn't get return and cause new cancers.

Anyway, you asked about life expectancy. I have NOT been able to get someone to answer this. After I did not take convention treatments, I was all but banned from further medical treatment/follow-ups. So it is difficult to gage what I am doing.

I can tell you that I am taking alternative treatments THAT have been effective.
I have bleeding on a daily basis.
Why don't you contact me and I'll share with you what I am doing. It is NOT harmfull in the least, but it is working to get rid of my cancer!!!

home email: ***@****
I'd be glad to talk with you anytime, you are in UK? = 5 hours ahead of us timewise.

The worst part is feeling so lonely!! How many of your friends dumped you too!!

Best Regards,
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Many thanks for replying to my question ..... I decided not to have treatment because of the numerous side effects of chemo im lettin nature takes it course .. the cancer is in the advanced stage. Mt mother and many people I know were worse off when they had the treatment .... thank you once again for your post.
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I believe each person is different. But, if you have been diagnosed with cancer it is important to start treatment as soon as possible to stop progression of the disease, it can only get worse not better. And survival depends on many factors such as, the stage, the grade of the cancer cells (1, 2, 3.....the higher the number the more agressive the cancer is considered to be), you over all health, other medical conditions, whether or not the cancer has metastisized to the lymph nodes or elsewhere in the body. I don't think anybody can tell you exactly how long you have, like I said each person is individual. But if you have been diagnosed with cancer it is best to get treatment sooner than later, don't put it off. What stage were you diagnosed?
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