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lipoma pain and inflammation

Eight years ago, a needle biopsy confirmed a lipoma on the back of my neck.  I have done nothing to it since then.  I am now 32 years old.

Starting suddenly on May 13th this lipoma began growing and becoming painful for no apparent reason. A C-shape of red inflammed skin has appeared around the top edge. At the end of this C-shape the skin has gone from red to purple and is now yellow.  (This is day five.) I can barely sleep from the pain. I have attached three photos below of this.


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Three photos of my neck are also in my profile.
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If this was biopsied and determined to be Lymphoma, why hasn't it been surgically removed or treated? Was it considered to be low grade at the time of the biopsy?
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Lipoma is harmless benign fat deposit,  
not to be confused with **lymphoma**, which is a dangerous type of cancer.

However, my  "harmless" lipoma is now acting up; growing in size suddenly and becoming inflamed and seemingly bruised.

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So, then... can't they remove that growing fatty deposit, which is now causing you so much discomfort? I saw your pics and, I can only imagine the pain your going through.
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Dear iam1butterfly,

I have returned after two appointments with physicians and one appointment with a surgeon.   Several corrections are needed.
1) This is not a lipoma and never was.
2) This was a subaceous cyst that became infected, which is then called an "abscess".

The surgery involved opening with a horizontal cut and drainage.  Gauze is packed into the remaining small wound with a piece poking outside.  This gauze is replaced daily.  The point is to obstruct the skin from healing over and instead let the wound heal from the bottom up.  

My advice for anyone getting this surgery done is -  Do not wear a nice shirt to the office.  You will bleed all over your shirt, even an hour after the operation.
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