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liver mass

Hi doctor.
I am 32 years old.I have nervous stomach for almost 6 years.but  for almost 8 months I am feeling a lump under right side of my stomach. It is palpable and it fluctuating in size. sometimes I cant feel the lump when I evacuate.

becuase I have constipation sympthom  I  went to doctor 4 times  but all said its just nervous stomach and the stool stuck in my colon.

I finally  asked my doctor  to do an  abdominal ultrasound and the result is

(((((Echogenic 1.2 cm solid mass in right liver lobe. the biliary system is not dilated. This is most likely represent a benign hemangioma.
If the patient has risk factors (underlying liver disease, known primary malignancy) then further characterization with  CT is recommended. If no risk factors, then follow up ultrasound is advised in 6 month to ensure its stability.

The gallbladder, spleen , kidneys, pancreatic head and pancreatic body appear normal. the pancreatic tail is obscured by overlying bowel gas and cannot be assessed. There is no Ascites)))))

today doctor ordered blood test for hepetites and to check my liver and I did those test today.and Iam pretty sure I have no problem with my liver.I did an std test twice this year. including for hep c.

my questions are

1- How they can say the mass on my liver is benign , without doing an autopsy?(how reliable ultra sound is? )
2-DO you think should I do CT scan to make sure that is non cancerous?
3-If the mass is cancerous,what dose it mean?  The mass is  1.2 cm , and I am not sure Its big or small.

thank you doctor,I am just little worried

Best regards.
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Dear masoudgc,

Thanks for posting your query.

The lump on the right side of your abdomen is probably just hard stools impacted in colon. This would be further supported by the fact that the lump is fluctuating in size and that you cannot feel it after evacuating. This can arise due to habitual constipation.

As the size of the lesion is 1.2cm, I would like to reassure you that this mass is not the lump you can feel. A lesion of this size which is embedded in the liver cannot be felt as a distinct mass on the surface. Doing a biopsy for hemangioma is not recommended as it may lead to serious bleeding.

If your liver function tests and hepatitis markers are all normal, then you do not need to go ahead with a computerized tomography scan (CT scan) right away. You can wait for another 3-6 months till another ultrasound is repeated.

This is a benign lesion and I don't think it is cancerous at all.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Indranil Ghosh
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