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lump behind ear, please answer?! Thanks

I have a lump behind my left ear. It hasn't hurt for the first days I noticed it. but it is slowly starting to become more painful to the touch, and even when I'm not touching it.

It's about pea-size. Hard, and not movable.

If anything else I also suffer from lost appetite, and little nausea, I get headaches sometimes too if that means anything. That's it.  

I'm 20, and female.
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most probably it is a swollen post auricular lymph node.
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If it is hard and pea shaped, it may be a cyst. Often they may take on the same color as the skin around it until irritated, then they may become a little red. As the cyst grows it may become painful. Things like laying on your pillow may make it tender due to constant contact with a surface that places pressure on the forming cyst. Cysts are caused by a number of different things of which none are anything you should be too scared about at the moment. Often, if left alone they may go away. Applying a very clean, hot compress against the cyst a few times a day for about ten days may reduce the size and even completely get rid of the cyst all together once the fatty tissue has been loosened up and returned to he blood stream. Try that. If the lump is obviously infected, broken, bleeding or not subsiding after simple home remedy treatment then please go see a dermatologist.
Hope that helps.
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