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lump found in the middle of chest

Hi I am asking this question for my 22 yr old brother. He came to me yesterday to show me a hard moveable lump he has on his chest.  Its close to the middle of his chest on his right breast.  He told me it has been there for about a year maybe a little less. He says nothing or no one has hit him there. So I am lost as to what it could be. I pray that its not cancer or anything remotely serious, but its obviuosly something.  He has also lost a lot of hair for 22 yrs old. his hair on the top of his head is almost completely gone. We have tried to get him to go to a doctor. Now he say's he is goig to go on June 10th. I was hoping to find some kind of info first. Thank you all for your time and responses.
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Gynecomasita? if it is this is a sign of a hormonal imbalance as is hair loss even if it is hereditary. Not exactly sure but really unlikely to be cancer. although asking him if he has any symptoms of male breast cancer would help. I would suggest having him see a endocrinologist and getting his hormones tested and basic blood work done.

Free testosterone
Serum testosterone
Random testosterone
Liver and kidney panel
all the basics and if possible a complete blood count to rule out anything else

Is he on any medication?
Is he overweight?
Any other symptoms?
Does he get depressed?

You should also realize that he may not be completely honest with you about all his symptoms, but you should tell him he needs to tell the doctor everything that is wrong even if it seems small like fatigue or headaches.

It might help if he keeps a small log from now until the appointment and then discusses it with the doctor.
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I thought I had male breast cancer turns out it is gynecomastia. I would also suggest he do a testicular self exam if there are any masses or lumps he should go to the doctor right away.

Oh yeah they should also test his prolactin levels.
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Thank you so much!

He does suffer from Depression he has been doing a lot better since this past Christmas.
No meds and he is not severly overweight. He is about 5'10 and 195 lbs.
He said he had a lump in his leg for a long time but it has disapeared.

Again thank you.
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