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lump in floor of mouth

Recently, I noticed a small (~.5" dia) lump in the floor of my mouth.  It is not visible from above, or below, but I can feel it.  It all came in a day, I did not notice it when shaving a couple of days ago, but Friday night my jaw was somewhat sore like I had a cramped jaw muscle (which I get sometimes when yawning), and I felt and noticed the small lump.
Should I be concerned that this is cancerous?  Can cancer tumors grow in a matter of a couple of hours (it has not grown since I first noticed it) ??  
I no longer have a constant pain like I did Friday and Saturday, it only hurts if I press on it, or otherwise apply pressure.  No pain in eating/swallowing etc, and no outward visibility inside mouth or on chin.  It is right next to my jawbone under the molars on the left side.

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It sounds like you just have a swollen lymphgland. The quick growth, placement, and pain that you described seem to indicate this. Think about when you go to the doctor for a check up or if you're just not feeling good. Notice how they will feel your neck and jawline? That's to see if your lymphglands are swollen. It's nothing to worry about as far as I am aware.
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Thank you for the reply,
What would cause a swollen lymphgland, and/or are there any other problems associated with it?
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They're usually an immune reaction to things like the common cold. Along with swollen lymph glands you may have a fever, runny nose, sore throat etc.

I found this link that should be helpful for you; it has a lot of information.


I hope this helps! Of course if you are worried give your doctor a call but like I said, swollen lymph glands are very common and usually go away within a few days; sometimes within a day and sometimes within hours (just as they pop up quickly)!
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I've had it for about 2 days now.. I also have had a cold for about a week, so I suspect they're related.  
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