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lump in mouth

Age: 19
Smoking history: Marijauna daily, smoked for about year and a half 1-2 cigarettes a day
Family History: Father had some cancer in his neck/throat, Grandfather had skin cancer

2 years ago I felt a lump in my neck, it was checked out and said to be an enlarged lymph node, it is still enlarged up to now.
3 month ago I felt another lump this time right below my ear on the jaw line, checked again and doctor said it was englarged lymph node
Blood tests revealed no lymphoma
About 2 months ago I felt a lump in my check near my lower jaw line. It is painless, no discoloration, and its quite small,
I'm wondering if any of this sounds like the onset of a cancer because the doctors seem to not know what the hell they are doing
Thanks for your help
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lol,wat up man, im 16 but this may not mean **** to ya, it sounds like all the other **** thats going on, i get fukin stoned al damn day man and none that **** happens to me, but id say its just like the enlarged lymphnodes and ****. later bro.
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Smoking is a major risk factor in the development of several cancers, including lung and oral cavity cancers.  It also increases the risk to develop cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.   Quitting smoking will decrease this risk.
The enlarged lymph nodes in your neck can be secondary to an infection.  Respiratory tract infections are common among smokers.  Lymph nodes serve as filters, trapping different organisms that may have entered the body.  A recurrent infection can cause progressive enlargement of the lymph nodes, or appearance of new palpable lymph nodes.
Lymphoma is also another disease condition that can present with enlarged lymph nodes.  Patients with lymphoma usually have accompanying symptoms like fever and weight loss.
You may want to go back to your doctor, or consult another doctor for further evaluation.  
Take care.        
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I went my doctor and had my blood tested. He said it was negative for lymphoma. I haven't had the lump in my cheek looked at yet though. What are signs the mass is cancer? Should it hurt, turn the skin around it another color?
Also, I believe smoking marijuana hasn't been linked to any cancers as of yet.
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