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lump on back of neck

I have a lump on the back of my neck (at my hairline to the right of my spinalcord) that has been there for almost 6 years.  It is the size of a half dollar and feels hard to the touch, but can be moved around on the back of my neck.  It rarely is ever painful unless i start to mess with it or i lay on that side of my neck for a long period of time.  It has been about the same size for as long as i can remeber.  My dad told me these cyst as he called it runs in the family. After doing research on the internet i have been a little worried it may be something else.. Can anyone give me any ideas of what it my be....
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Hi.  That lump on the back of your neck could just be a prominent lymph node (some nodes become palpable in the back of the neck, specially if you have an infection in that area).  It could also be a non-cancerous lump like a lipoma (lump consisting of fat cells) or an epidermal inclusion cyst (lump consisting of accumulated oily secretions from the skin).  If that lump has been around for six years and hasn't grown much, then it's probably not cancerous and shouldn't be anything to worry about.
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