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lump on my outer leg, near my knee

Hi guys, I'm kind of scared right now. I know it's impossible to make a diagnosis over the internet, but I would like to know if this SOUNDS like cancer to you. here goes:

I have a lump located on my outer left thigh, near (about and inch out and up from) my knee. It's hard, in the sense that it's harder than the surrounding fat, but it still "gives" a little when I squeeze it. It doesn't hurt at all, except it's a little sore since I've been messing around and feeling on it a lot. As for size and shape, it seems to be like a thick plate shape about 1-1.5 cm in diameter but not all that thick. It doesn't seem to be attached to anything, muscle or bone. It is definitely below the skin, but shallow. I honestly don't know how long I've had it for, at least since january. I 've started to worry these last few months and I can't tell if it is growing or not.

It doesn't stick out unless my knee is bent all the way back with my heel to my lower butt.

Besides a cyst I've had in my neck since I was little, I haven't noticed any other "growths".

as for family/personal history: I am a 22 year old male. One of My grandmothers currently has lung cancer, but she was a smoker in her younger days. Her husband also died of cancer, but I'm not sure what kind. Other two grandparents died fairly young.

Of course I will go try to see a doctor, which I don't know if I can do or not (different story). But any information or opinions would be great.

please ask if you need more information on my condition,

Thank you
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It will be hard to tell exactly whether the lump on your outer thigh near the knee is benign or malignant.  There are so many benign tumors of soft tissue origin.  Examples of benign condition are lipoma and fibroma.  Likewise, there are also many malignant tumors of soft tissue origin.  In order to differentiate the two, there may be a need to do a biopsy.
I agree with your decision to seek consult with your doctor.
Take care.
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