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lump on rib

My daughter found a lump which at first we thought was in her breast but after taking her to the Dr. we found out it was on her rib.  The doc sent her to get an X-ray but nothing showed up on the X-ray including any old fractures.  He then had her get an MRI which he said showed that it was not cancer or a tumor. The lump is very hard and unmoveable and sticks out from her rib like a volcano.  Everything I had looked up about her lump made it seem like it was an Osteosarcoma tumor.  Even the Dr. had thought possibly it was.  My question is if this thing is not a tumor(which I guess the Radiologist thinks it is not because there is no bone abnormalities to the bone or marrow) then what the heck could it be.
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A rib bump can be a type of scoliosis. I am not sure if I spelled that right or not. Scoliosis is the curve to the spine. The reason I know is because they done a routine scoliosis screening at my sons school and found the rib bump. I am having to make an appointment with an orthopidec (Bone doctor) I hope this helps
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My daughter, 11, has a lump off the center of her rib cage under her right breast area. Definitely rib bones! She doesn't complain of chest pains or anything, but she is beginning to feel self conscience of this large protrusion. Doctor, 2 years ago, said it's nothing to worry about. What can it be, what can we do?
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I am 37 , dont smoke, fit and healthy. I have grown a tennis ball size lump on my rib cage since this march. doctors are clueless had x- ray and u-scan which shows nothing, having a ct this friday--- you cant help but worry about the c word, however the web sites do imply that a sarcoma in unusual in children--good luck buddy and keep on their backs until you get a definate diagnossis.

Tina xx
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