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lungs hyperinflated


I am 39 yrs. old. I had a CT scan to check my gallbladder, due to some pain. It was a right upper quadrant scan. I got my results back and there are a few things I am worried about on the report:

1) It says Lungs appear midly hyperinflated
2) 3 mm cyst, anterior aspect, right mid kidney
3) 2-3 mm cyst junction of middle one-third/inferior one-third right kidney.
4) Two 2 mm calculi inferior pole of the right kidney.
5) Minimal pulmonary hyperinflation

Please let me know what this means and if I should be worried or seek professional help!
Thank you.
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Hi.  The mild hyperinflation of the lungs may indicate a beginning emphysema.  This is a condition wherein there is destruction of tissue supporting the alveoli, which ultimately results in loss of elasticity of lung tissue and chronic symptoms of dyspnea (difficulty in breathing).  Emphysematous lungs typically appear in CT or x-rays as hyperinflated regions.  Cigarette smoking is the usual cause of the destruction in lung tissue which results in emphysema.  If you smoke, now is a good time to stop, since doing so would arrest the progression of the emphysema.

The kidney cysts are typically incidental findings and shouldn't be cause for worry. As for the kidney calculi, if these are not causing any symptoms (blood in urine, flank pain or pain in urinating), then you have the option to simply observe them and repeat the CT scan after a few months to see if there are further developments.
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Hi Doctor.
Thank you for answering my question about my mild hyperinflated lungs, as seen on my CT scan. I do not smoke, I was around second hand smoke for years while my husband smoked, he has recently stopped smoking! But my question now is: what can I do to take care of my lungs, should I be worried, am I prone to have early lung disease or anything??? I am only 39!!!
Thank you,
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Hi.  It's possible for you to develop the hyperinflated lungs from the second-hand smoke.  If you can totally avoid further exposure to cigarette smoke, I think that the progression of the disease to frank emphysema can be arrested.  It is good to know that your husband has decided to stop smoking.
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