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I have a lump in my armpit that I have had for a week, initiallyabout 3 days after I had a fever, chilld and my bones ached, mostly at my joints, no other flu symptoms  my Dr put me on keflex and vicodin, a week later the lump was still there and I was in a lot of pain, I was given darvocet to tide me over until I could have an ultra sound, and a week after that a biopsy was scheduled.  She checked for HIV, leukemia, and my white blood cell count, those have come back ok, neg HIV, Neg leukemia, and WBC was normal, I am begining to think non-hodgkins lymphoma, what do you think?
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If your painful lump has appeared only a week ago, and that too following a 'flu' infection, I wouldn't really worry about it too much.
Since the biopsy has been scheduled in a weeks time, that should settle the issue.
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I'm in remission from NHL. If there is pain in the lymph node area I would not worry to much about NHL. It's when there swollen and no pain. But I would still have it check. Best of luck
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