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mouth cancer

hi i am 3o years old i have tronsils in my throat docter checked and tested for throat culture the test cam negative. then i gone through antibiatics . no changes . i am almost gone through 3 antibaitics. but still lymph nodes are swells often.i have small lump in side of my teeth wall.end lf the teeth wall it has the swelling nurves. if anyone knows this is teeth problem or mouth cancer syptoms.i am scared to death.please help me.
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Hi again.
Since your lump is inside the oral cavity, you may seek consult with an ENT specialist who is an expert in examining the head and neck area.
Good luck.
Please do post your updates.
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Thank you docter , tuesday i am planning to see the doc, but can you help me which Doc i have to go to . Dentist? or the doc about the infectious disease. i am visiting US for my business visite.becasue last time the doc told me if i didn't get cure throug this antibiotic dos.i should see the infectious disease doc.can you please help me which doc is appropriate to go for the check up.
thank you for the help
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How are you?
Lymph nodes enlarge when there is an infection.  The head and neck area have an extensive network of lymph nodes.  These lymph nodes function like a filter, and thus increase in size in the presence of infection to filter out organisms.  Even with treatment, some lymph nodes remain enlarged.  A recurrent infection would further increase the size of the lymph node.
However, there are other conditions that can present with lymph node enlargement.  Head and neck malignancy is an example.  
You may want to go back to your doctor for reevaluation.  If it will give you peace of mind, you may opt to push for a biopsy.
Take care.

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