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mucinous borderline

Dear Dr Goodman,on 23 dec i was rushed into theatre to have a football size cyst removed from my right ovary,during the laparotomy they also removed my ovary as it was badly twisted.The surgeon later told me there was a cyst on my left ovary that they also drained.He told me about my procedure which was, he drained the large fluid filled cyst and removed it then he removed the ovary and from there he removed a large tumor which was cancer.
He then said he would refer me to a Gyn oncologist. After the pathologist looked at slides i was told it was 'mucinous borderline'. The Gyn oncologist said "it would of been half fluid half solid". They sent me for an ultrasound of my left ovary and appendix which came back ovary fine and appendix normal shape.They do not want to see me for 3 mths.
My Gp has old me there was no mention of my ovary which was removed in the surgeons report and there was no stage or grade done. He has referred me to a professor of gynecology to have a lararoscopy done on 31st march to see if there are still cells there.He also said the tumor may of been on the ovary and not in the cyst.
I also was leaking a burnt orange colour fluid before going to theatre to have the cyst removed and wondered whether this would of been the cyst leaking? as this was not in the report either.
I would also like to know if they are likely to treat it if more cells are found.
I have been wondering why all this time i have not been given any answers and only recently found out they do not have alot to go by from my report as the surgeon was not a gynecologist and i am guessing has not done what should of been in theatre.  Any help you could give me i would be truly greatfull for,kind regards Sharon
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