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neck lump

hi my husband recently developed a lump to the right side of his neck it is slightly larger than pea size and he has no signs of infection ie cold flu or anything that would suggest swollen glands .
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ump maybe due to enlargement of his lymph nodes..lymphoma would be my suggestion..
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Hi he should get it checked out.  i noticed a small lump in neck 2 years ago in april during pregnancy.  No testing were done either than a thyroid test which was neg. it went away during the end of pregnancy and a year later it came back. ultrasound showed enlarged node, ct scan showed 3.4 cm enalrged 3 tiny ones around thyroid and one big one behind chest wall 10.cm prognosis: hodgkins or malignant lymphoma.  Biopsy will be performed on June 10th to rule out mailgnancy.  my symptoms were fatigue lost of appetite, loss weight gain and heat flashes.. I performed a ultrasound of neck and left breast due to suspicious mass in breast, then a mamo confirmed mass then biopsy came out neg. Now back to neck..ct scan..everything done within 5 days.  As long as ur proactive, persistent to what u want u can get all testings done quickly with a stat written on prescription by authorizing dr.  Wish me luck. will post my results June 15th!!!
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