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pain following chondrosarcoma surgery

Hi there,

i was diagnosed and operated on for a chondrosarcoma to the right tibia back in 2002. They cut out about a third of the tibia and inserted a metal prosthesis which is about as long as the marrow cavity. This all went well and the surgeon was happy with the results, but staight from the start there was always a little pain from time to time. The surgeon told me this was normal and would disappear in time. This hasn't been the case and over time and numerous check ups, the pain is gradually getting worse and worse. it sometimes gets to a point where i can hardly put my foot down, and i'm constantly walking with a limp.
so my question is: Is this normal for this type of cancer, and if it isn't what can I do about it? i had seen another surgeon as i moved country, and still needed regular check ups, but he couldn't explain it either and said there was nothing he could do about it?
i'm just at a bit of a loss as it can get to excruciating levels, and would very much like to find out what my options are?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.
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anyone have any idea what could be causing the pain?
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