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painful lump on lower jaw

Hello, I am a 42 year old female and about 2 weeks ago I noticed a tender spot under my lower jaw bone. It became increasingly tender and then I noticed a lump on the bone under the lower jaw and it is hurting more and more. It seems to be growing as well. Now when I look in the mirror it looks like that area is swollen but if you touch you can feel the hard lump on the jaw bone. It doesn't move around and it has become so painful it hurts if I yawn or clear my throat. I made an appointment with my doctor for next week but I am very worried. No, dental pain in that area at all. Please tell me if you think this could be something minor. Thanks so much!
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I have pain under right side under my jaw, can feel the discomfort there with out touching , but when touch that one spot directly under the jawbone is painful, had 2 days of solid headaches prior to this pain, when I press with fingertips in and under jaw very tender and painful  could you help shed some light as to what this might be, I am going to try to get in to see my doctor about this I am 43 and a smoker. and have nodules on my thyroid that they have been scaning every 6 months because few have cancer characteristics and waiting for them to get big enough to biopsy. Thank you
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I do too but mine is moving up by my ear. Did you ever find out what it was?
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