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painfull lump under jaw

Ive had a lump in my neck now since i was 16 which is bout the size of a grape which is hard but moves the doctor keeps telling me its due to an infection but it never goes away, well last couple of months my face and arm keep getting tingly numb feelings down left side same side ads lump and aching in neck then a week and half ago i started getting loada of pain in my neck under my jaw when i checked i have another lump under my jaw about the same size, i went to the doctors and they said its an infection gave me antibiots now 4 days later im still in same amount of pain and lump as still same is this normal and the tingle feeling in arm,  hand and face are constant and i feel like something could be pressing on my wind pipe by the way im a 23 year old women
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If the first lump has been there since the age of 16, I doubt this is any cancer.  I am sure this other "lump" is the same tissue as the first.  

I would recommend having these "lumps" biopsied.  
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I have the same thing same spot same age I'm a male mine swole up where it hurt to chew food the doctor said I was a infection an she made an insision blood and stuff rolled out shot everywhere. Took the medicine a yr later it's back and I notice a few more tiny tiny ones around it
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