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pancreatic problems

I recently had an ERCP done and when the doctor wen to put the scope through the duct to my pancreas, he was unable to.  It was completely blocked and he was not able to even get brushings of this blockage, it is not a gullstone he said...but have been suffering for quite some time now....my bile duct has been inflamed as well as the pancrea, I am itching and have pain all the time but get worse when i eat, I have lost weight fast and the doctor is getting worried...please help
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Is this GI physician planning on stenting the occluded (blocked) ducts?  That is what is usually done.  Sounds like you have pancreatitis; not sure if it is chronic or acute.  Kinda confused about what you would like to know.   I can tell you one thing, the GI specialist should be following up with this ASAP!

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They just put a stent in, but I am in more pain now, then before....and can barely eat anything.even drinking water hurts....my specialist told me usually with the kind of blockage I have, its because of cancer,,,now he wasn't able to go into the pancreas..so wants to talk about an alternative way....
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also, I have inflammation of the bile duct and pancreas....I have had ct scan, MRI, hita, and now this ERCP...
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How long ago was the ERCP and stents placed?  You stated the physician was not able to get the brushings.  Are they planning on doing an US guided biopsy of the pancreas to rule out cancer?  The itching is from the build up of bile salts related to your occluded ducts/inflammation.  Bile salts are produced by the liver.  

Secondly, I think you probably should be hospitalized until they get your pain controlled, address nutritional issues, etc.  You have been through alot and have alot going on.  

Those are my recommendations/thoughts.
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The results of the study at the National Cancer Institute found that women who have higher food and total intakes of folate face a significantly lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Protection seemed to increase with higher intake of folate. This was  published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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am 54 white askenazi jew ( we tend to get more cancer in the pancreas than other profiles for some reason) had ct scan with barium/contrast and found the head of my pancreas is half the size it should be why? dont smoke or drink and cant eat fatty foods at all. lost 50 pounds within 9 mos and skin on my back itches constantly. take pepcid and donnatal for stomach pains. can anyone tell me why pancreas atropied to haldf the size?
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