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pea size lump in armpit

about 3weeks  a day after i shavbed under my arms i noticed  what i thought was just an ingrown hair it was sore an irritable  then next day another in my other armpit  same results but after a day it didnt hurt but now 3 weeks later they are still there im worried i dont know what it is and im afraid to find out i have no insurance, and im on a very tight budget i dont work the hubby does so cant afford to see doc i dont know what to do not sure if its serious or what they dont hurt now but im concerned  any answers to what this could be like i said it dont hurt only did for a day after i shaved  any help would be greatly appriciated
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They could be enlarged lymph glands maybe due to an infective process which includes shaving which could have caused some cut or nick. If a lymph node is less than one centimeter in diameter and soft, rubbery and tender, it is more likely to have swollen due to a benign cause, such as recently shaving under the arm, using a new deodorant, having a manicure etc. What can be done is try to refrain from any of the above mentioned causes for a week, try some soothing lotion at the site, apply some antibacterial, antifungal cream and see if the swelling subsides. If it still persists then you will have to schedule an appointment and see your physician for a clinical evaluation. Goodluck.
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