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22yr M. I've had a dull pain in my lower back that has come and gone for the past 10 months or so. Recently I've had a bit of similar dull pain in my groin that's been accompanied with an on-again-off-again rash on my arms, legs and chest. I had an abscess removed from my tailbone late last May and have been researching a bit on my symptoms. I had a regular physical last month and my doctor didn't notice anything wrong. Should I be concerned about swollen lymph nodes due to my back/groin dullness? Further, should I be concerned about lymphomas?
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Hi.  Do you have swollen lymph nodes? If you do, where are these located? What is the size of the largest one? What is the consistency of the nodes (hard, firm, soft, doughy, etc)?  You have not explicitly stated it in your post, but I'm assuming that you do since you're concerned about swollen nodes and lymphomas.

If you do have swollen nodes, these may be due to a lingering infection.  Is that abscess in your tailbone totally resolved? If you're still having recurrent low back pain, it may be due to a lingering infection in your back (abscess recurrence?).  The possibility of recurrent infection needs to be ruled out first before even considering a diagnosis of lymphoma.
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