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right abdominal mass

In 2006 my husband was diagnosed with head and neck cancer.  He is very stubborn.  He was advised to undergo radiation and chemo.  He took 5 radiation treatments and 1 chemo treatment.  Then he announced (against doctor's advice) that he was finished with treatment.  They told him it would probably return.  While on vacation last week, he noticed an enlarged area on the right side of his abdomen.  Since we have returned, I have started nagging him to make an appointment with the doctor.  He is procrastinating.  I am worried to death.  Could this be an enlarged organ?  I am wondering if there is a "most likely" area for returning cancer.  He had a PET scan at the beginning of this which did not show a primary area.  If anyone can give me some info or send me to a website that may help me either to quit worrying or nag harder, I would really appreciate it.  
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Ya, men could be stubbon......I know your liver is there........Is it enlarge under neath the ribs?
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Yes, underneath the ribs.  He had hepatitis C many, many years ago.  
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Tell your husband he should go ASAP he could have a sign of liver cancer or it could be a bengin ........Since he had hepatitis C before he has a risk of liver cancer...Im not scaring you, Im not a doctor I just know what risk factors of liver cancer cause I have a benign tumor on my liver thank god it's nothing..... Since he had cancer before it's a chancer he can get it again.  Any quiestions Im here for ya........I know all about liver cancer...

Good Luck!!!
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Ya welcome
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read my article please - http://www.mesothelioma-portal.info/treatment-ways/alimta-cisplatin-approval-by-fda/
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