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some kind of throat cancer??

okay, so i am 14 and i'v had this since i was in grade 5 or six, so for about 3 or four years. the problem is that im having a white lump grow in the back of my throat, a little beside my uvuly...?? the thingy that dangles in your throat, i feel stupid for not knowing what its called! but anyway, every now and then i will have a coughing fit and i will cough it out. sometimes it will start growing again, or sometimes it will stop for a month or so. i was just wondering if it was possibly cancer because in a chicken soup book i read about a girl having a lump in her throat that she keep coughing it out and she died of cancer. anyway, i thought it might be extra salt or something coming out of my body?? i really  have no idea. please help by telling me if u have any ideas!! thank u.

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