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testicular lump

ii have a lump connected to string lie material on my left testicle could this be cancer or what else could it  be?
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hi i also have a lump but mine is on the eppididymus, it turned out to be a eppididymal cyst and not testicular cancer. What i suggest is that you go to your doctor as soon as possible. Also if it feels like you can nearly distinguish the lump slightly from the testicle kind of like a nodule then i reckon its a cyst but if its not near the eppididymis of your testicles then it may well be cancer. I also heard one in three men have eppididymal cyst
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Yeaa I have the same problem and its a bit scary. I've never had anything like this before near my nutsack. I noticed a few small bumps in the same area and two days passed and they got to the size of a pea and hardened up. It is near the testicles but not directly inside any help or suggestions
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Please go and have it assessed by a physician ASAP.  No one on this website will be able to tell you FOR CERTAIN what it is.  

You can also post in the Testicular Cancer and Men's Health Forums.  
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