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vocal cord cancer

I hope you can understand  this as itype  faster than i think. went to ent yesterday. i was treated for vocal cord cancer 6 weeks rad and 6 weeks chemo
back in aug..he didnt see anything in nov now it is a nodual appearence to the cord its self.there was marked edema the right arytenoid.. Hhe  hsa moved up my pet scan a  month so now im  paniciking. i still smoke  which i know i shouldnt.Im  having  ear aches  on that side please help
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There can be expected changes on the appearance of the vocal cords after treatment with radiation. This is the reason why the scan would be helpful.
Its hard to say what is the estimated success rate of the treatment you received   since you made no mention of the extent of disease such as neck node involvement, etc.
The earaches likewise may be due to the treatment as well, perhaps its best you have them investigated as well while you're waiting for the scan.
stay positive,
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i had a stage1t1a right vocal cord.6 week rad and 6 weeks chemo. no neck node involement. mo i really need to stop smoking. im so afraid it has moved some where else
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If you had a stage 1 cancer, then you are a candidate for cure. It is pretty unlikely that the swelling found is recurrent cancer, it is more likely that it is changes associated with treatment. Continue your follow-ups and stay positive.
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i beleive  the onc and the rad dr . treated  me for a 2-3  just to be safe. can you have ear aches  from this
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IM  SO AFRAID IT IS back and will show up some where else. like lungs or bones or any where. i think it was only on my right vocal cord had pet just before i started tx with rad and chemo. think it was localized.  my ent said he doesnt want to scare me just wants to make sure to rule out reccurence
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Most cancers of the head and neck tend to recur locally, or around the area in which they presented the first time round.
It is common to have areas that scar and thicken mimicking a new tumor with radiation treatment.
The ear symptoms are a bit difficult to answer without knowing the precise fields that were used. The fields indicate the areas where radiation was delivered. You would have a vague idea of its extent if there were skin changes around the area of you ears.
Chemotherapy could also affect the ears - presenting with decreased acuity of hearing and ringing in the ears. This is cumulative however, and the doses given for cancers similar to yours are pretty small.
Best to discuss things with your doctor to make a plan of what things to do next to investigate. Stay positive, the treatment for small cancers like yours is aimed at cure - there is a good chance that you've achieved that.
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THANK YOU for the advise i relly need t o stop smoking . i know that doesnt help.every little pain scares me.the ent said it could be deferred ear pain. what is a nodular apperance on a vocal cord the same one the cancer was in. the right one i beleve.and it was somewhat restricted. and there was marked edema. im so scared.he said also it wasnt ulcerated  please help
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I DONT KNOW if my post went thru or not please help
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The appearance of the nodule on the same site as the original cancer is expected because the delivered dose of radiation over this area is highest - hence there would be marked swelling (edema) and scarring. If the area is ulcerated - it may imply the presence of cancer but this is still not specific for it. But put all together - there is still not any compelling evidence that the cancer has returned.

The appearance on the scan will help thresh out things. IF it comes out negative the area will likely be observed - if the scan shows positive findings - a biopsy over the nodule may be performed to get the final verdict.

I think the ENT meant referred rather than deferred pain. This means that a nerve that is shared by the ear and areas radiated would be producting pain. You could inquire about taking pain medications for nerve pain. As the areas of previous radiation continue healing - this pain should slowly go away.

Unfortunately, at the present time - there is this uncertainty that you have to live with. I know its so easy to say that so many things in the world are uncertain and yet we have to carry on somehow. Try to get back to the things that you like doing, that you look forward to during the day.
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THANK you  for your help now my left side of my throat hurts a little i went to dr today for a sinus infect said my throat was red  will  that make the  side hurt. he said there my fluid behind  my ear drum. i m just panicink  again
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can you have stiff neck this far out of rad.  how long does rad  work in your system?
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When I mentioned prolonged effect of radiation - I was referring to the original tumor.

Its hard to say how long a certain toxicity will play out:

One of the most common toxicities of radiation on the head and neck is dryness of the throat - and hence patients complain of problems swallowing. Most patients would be able to regain function after 4 to 8 months, unfortunately - some patients never regain functionality of salivary glands. The delay is more a function of the capability of the glands to recover more that a persistent effect of the radiation.

If the stiffness of the neck is associated with hardness of the skin - if the neck is not flexed regularly - there is a tendency for the area to stiffen, this is the same reaction that occurs in burns - and hence is associated with an immediate effect of radiation not a protracted one as I had previously mentioned. However, while the effect is immediate - it could persist because of the faulty healing of the skin.

It would be good if there is a rehabilitation facility available to you to address these consequences of treatment and guide you along. It would be important to maintain function by doing some exercises if the stiffness is a function of hardness on the skin.
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im going back to ent mon . im having a lot of head aches specially at nite,  went to gp sisus infection and bronchits.and my neck is stiff at times. am taking antibotics.i also have ms  so im double scared .so afraid it is back
.chest eray in dec was ok.  when i smoke it sometimes burns  . hope we got ahead of this they say we did
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i hope you can answer some //? . now after this long of time after rad and chemo just today my throat starting like having  some small spasms.and it burns a little.i still smoke am trying to stop. that nodule on my vocal cord i hope is from rad..my pet is the14th of feb.do you think i waited to long to stop smoking/?swallowing is ok    some times i tend to lose my voice is that normal  everyone says it sounds good compared to what it was in case you dont rember i had scc on just my right vocal cord.i hope it hasnt moved please help  i really need to talk to someone
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I'm not sure if I'm interpreting your post adequately.
sisus = sinus infection?
ms = multiple sclerosis?

I think you should remove the smoking as soon as you can - as this may be interfering with the other problems. IF you have problems with the sinuses - smoking will have some share of the damage. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of your symptoms improve after quitting. Maybe you should look into a program for this specific purpose. I hope there are quitting clinics readily available in your area.

The PET will help distinguish if the nodule is likely malignant or not. It would be hard to say the same for the voice changes - after the radiation, some patient's do experience changes in the voice quality with the treatment also...
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im  having a lott of burning in my throat..also have acid reflux.this is proably a stupoid ?.
in rad  for the right vocal cord  do i have like a square box over my adams apple  did they treat both sides.i m scared bec now my left side is hurting to is it common to have thraot spasms this far out .seem to be worse in the  morning.im so afaid it is gong to move to my lungs or my brain or bones or the other vocal cord it was clean the14th of jan
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gettting relly scared about this pet scan hope it is just from radition.imm  so afraid of the cancer  moving  im almost 6  mos out
i now snore  and i didnt  before all this
you  cant  be raditated2
times is that  right   my  vocal cord has a nodular apperence
went to dr to check  a  lump i thought  was  therr
left  cord was still clean
is there a easy  way to stop smoking
i say now after this pet scan . then there will be  something else
do you think ive stopped  soon enough  even if tommorrow
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What originally started out one month ago at a cough clinic has now turned into a nightmare as I am 99% sure I picked this up while having my breathing tested at the hospital clinic. Right after the testing in the morning was completed I started feeling like I had a lump growing in my throat as a really sore throat was coming on fast. They tested my breathing as I had a dry cough that was determined to be GERD. So one anti acid prescription and voice rest and off I went......Now fast forward to today.  
I just finished with a specialist today, May 11, 2015 as I had lost my voice for approximately 3 weeks. While waiting for the specialist I tested negative for Strep so the doctor at the walk in clinic prescribed me antibiotics and painkillers as I had been swallowing razor blades for 3 weeks and the pain was excruciating. When I went to my family doctor last Thursday I was prescribed an oral rinse and Prednisone for the inflamed vocal chords. It was at this point that she said that it looked like a viral infection and it had to just run its course. So instead of waiting this out I decided to go after the virus with a mixture of raw garlic, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, ginger warm water and honey. I took this faithfully morning and before bed at night and now the pain has diminished substantially whereby I don't even need to reach for the painkillers. I have gone from 2 painkillers a day to just the odd Tylenol. What originally seemed like Chronic Laryngitis now appears as the doctor said "I don't know what this is as your right side vocal chord is really swollen." So I am now heading off this week to another specialist with a better camera that can see more because it could be Cancer of my right vocal chord. With this being said I am able to eat really well as swallowing is becoming less and less of a problem so I feel that I am getting better and my voice is slowwwwly returning. I am a touch worried but not stressed yet as the next specialist has to determine what exactly is going on. I am just wondering if anybody out here has experienced these symptoms? I am 55 years old, never smoked, rarely drink and am in excellent physical condition.
I look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you. Faron, Calgary Ab, Canada
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Update: I just got back from the specialist and he determined that it was a nasty yeast infection picked up from using an inhaler at the cough clinic combined with antibiotics to treat the problem. Both contributed to the nasty yeast infection. I am now on a yeast inhibitor and the pain of swallowing razor blades is now gone.
I would never have guessed that yeast could cause such a scare. Anyway, all good and on the mend.
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