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weight gain

Breast Cancer, Lumpectomy, chemo, radiation, chemo, a hysterectomy and now 50 extra pounds:(....I cannot seem to get healthy enough for a workout that will help reduce my weight gain.  I am concentrating on whole grains, raw foods and yet the weight will not budge.  I am very concerned for reoccuring cancer due to heavy weight and also complications with my general health due to the weight.  I am medication free right now, except a small dose of Celexa.  I have just had the flu/bronchitus for 10 days and it is brutal.  I need to get strong to fight off these things....please, any help would be appreciated. I have beat cancer once.....I don't want to even give it one more chance anywhere in my body.
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Hello. I am sorry you have had such difficult time. Like you I recently finished treatment for cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma (chemo and radiation) in my case. I had a very rough biopsy that kept me in hospital for 1.5 weeks and then before I could recover from biopsy I started chemo - I tried to exercise during treatment - but after first 3 months of 6 months of chemo I just could not do anything...needless to say I gained 25 lbs.

Like you I am very concerned with relapse or secondary cancers - I want to do everything I can to prevent this (e.g. getting to healthy weight, eating/living healthy etc.) - and then if it does come back then I'll know that its just one of those things.

It was mentally tough for me to take first step forward but two months out of radiation  I started weight watchers - I have lost 6 lbs so far. I am walking 5 days a week - I started off very  very slow..but I am trying to build up walking distance...I am not worried about speed right now as I still have lot of fatigue and shortness of breath related to treatment.

One of the things I like about weight watchers - is that you have to follow 8 heathly guidelines (fruit/veggies, calcium, healthy oils, water intake, daily vitamin, exerciese). Also is is not super low calorie - they belive that if you restrict calories too much puts body into starvation mode and then you don't loose. I also like going to the meetings - gets me out of the house and I always feel postive when I leave.

WW is just one option - but its working for me. Best of luck to you.

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Thank you so much for the advice!  You are right about weight watchers...good stuff.  Your encouragement is just what I needed, so tonight....we shall walk!

It is always nice to know someone else understands this difficult journey and all the daily decisions that go with it.  I, am also, wanting to be in the optimum health so that my body is stronger than ever and ready to fight what may or may not come.  God willing, it will be days of health and strength for a long while!  Thanks again!
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