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what is this lump in my neck

Hi im 30yo and for the past few months i have had a lump on the right side of my neck almost on the spot that your pulse is in your neck, it is hard and round in shape.  i also have coughing fits where it feels like i have a tickle in my throat and i cough until i can hardly breath and dry-reach, have also been rather tired i just want to know what it is and should i be worried?
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i am 19 and have the same thing except i don't have coughing fits. just a lump right where you say your's is. any response on what it is?
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You need to get that checked out and fast!!!
My husband's uncle had the same thing. The Dr's didn't do anything about it until it had grown and started to effect him. By that time, he had full on esophoghaus cancer!!! It was stage 2 or maybe 3. They gave him a year. He lived a little longer due to alternative therapys he tried in other countries. He basically starved to death because the cancer ate away at his throat and he couldn't eat or even drink for the last month or so. Sad, really sad. We should have sued his health care provider. We were all devasted and didn't persue that at that time but should have. In the state of California, you only have a year from the time of death to persue malpractice cases. I'm sorry to alarm you, I thought that you should know what happened his lump in the side of his neck. Get it checked and right away and don't take no for an answer. Be demanding. Don't let them put anything on the back burner, take charge of your future/life!
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Nic do go to the doctor, and have it checked . There are many things that it could be , and one is cancer. I do have cancer of the right tonsil and so have a malignant lump. Please get it checked now!!!
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