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Yeast infection in butt crack ): help me

look, unlike most women, my yeast infection happens to be in my butt crack, it hurts very bad, and im not trying to gross anyone out, but im only 17, the most sleep i get is 3 hours now i just graduated and im going insane this is the worst thing ever i just got done crying for  a half hour. i tried some stupid cream the doctor gave me now for four days, it burns, tried monistat, so far im cramping like hell, tried the cream that comes with it, and bought the itch relief cream by monistat, NONE OF IT WORKS it all just burns really really bad, and keeps me itchinggggggg. I also just started on day 3 eating tons of yogurt, so not sure what effect this will have yet. What is something that will work that not just necessarily for the vaginal area but for my bottom too? i really need help, i mean i would honestly pay someone that gave me an effective piece of advice if i could im that desparate. please anyone.
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