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Am I the first person to post a question for this group? That is ok, here goes.....

My symptoms are ..the worst is not being able to think, to concentrate, to complete tasks, almost like I am extremely attention deficit. I start one thing, then go off to work on something else that catches my eye. Before you know it, I am doing a few things at once, nothing getting done. I find I do not feel like being sociable. I have a sign shop at my home & do not even want to answer the phone sometimes. My brain does not want to think of the words to speak. Sometimes I just can't think to talk or reason.

I thought this was from my Tramadols I was taking for my Lupus. I have been taking my perscribed 2-50mg a day pills for about 3 years now. They give me ENERGY, that is why I like them. Right now I am trying to get off these, & seem to be doing well at that. I did not take one yesterday or today, & seem to be ok so far.

The other symptoms I have that match the candida symptoms I have seen on candida websites are toe nail fungus, athlete's foot, nasal drainage, gas, constipation, craving sugary foods, eyes burn & water, poor memory, mental confusion, depression, irritability, lethargy, anti social behavior, irrational thoguhts, panic attacks (tho mild), low sex drive, general malaise, insomnia, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, joint pains, receding gums, dry mouth.

One web site said that a lot of the Lupus symptoms are the the same as the yeast symptoms!

I am amzed that I found this website here with a new topic of candida.Please answer, all of you other 3 members of this topic!
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Hi! So Sorry to take so long to reply to you. I have had to be offline for a while.
I have  some natural remedies that could help you with the candida and restore mental function. It has been a 7 year search for me and I am now doing very well.
It is diet and remedy that seems to work. It's not magic but in a couple of months you will be surprised at how well you are feeling.

First the diet. This is the hard part. Sorry but if wellness is what you want the diet is essential.
First eliminate ALL yeast, sugars and starches from your diet. This means diligently reading all labels. I have written a recipe book that helps to normalize your eating. It contains recipes that contain no sugar, yeast or starch and yet provides you with condiments, main meals, like lazagnia, pizza, muffins, cookies, pies, and cakes for your enjoyment. It uses coconut flour instead of regular flours and it uses xylitol instead of sugar. (Xylitol is made from birch bark and is a candida fighter) We use goat cheeses instead of bovine products as they are much easier on the digestive system.

The second part of the treatment for Candida is the remedies. These are taken in rotation over a month as Candida will mutate to adapt to a remedy. Here is the rotation :

Remedy Rotation

* I find that if you have a severe case of candida, you will need to double all the remedies until the symptoms ease off.

Here is a list of Remedies to  choose from:

Oil of Oregano
Grapefruit seed extract
Cinnamon Bark
Black Walnut
Pau d’arco
Grape Seed extract

~Choose 4 remedies from the above to use in your remedy rotation cycle.
~The acidophilous replaces the yeast that is dying. When your symptoms get better, you may reduce the number to 30 billion per day.

Sample Rotation

Week 1:
Acidophilous   15 billion / 3 x daily

Oil of Oregano (I am immune to this now)
    use as directed

Vitamin Supplements
Take these supplements every day during all weeks.

B 12        2000 mcg 3 X daily
B complex      100 mg. 3 X daily
Vitamin C      1000 mg. 3 X daily

Week 2
Acidophilous   15 billion 3 x daily

Cinnamon Bark   600 mg / 3 x daily
Vitamin Supplements:
Same as Week 1

Week 3:
Acidophilous   15 billion / 3 x daily

*Grapefruit seed extract    (as directed on package)

Vitamin Supplements:
Same as week 1

Week 4:
Acidophilous   15 billion / 3 x daily

Black Walnut Extract    500 mg / 3 x daily

Vitamin Supplements:
Same as week 1

* do not take grapefruit seed extract if you are taking thyroid medication as they interact adversely when combined.

The rash in my ears was my stress barometer. It also let me know if I had inadvertently (or on purpose) eaten too much of a good thing. They begin to tingle right away and I know I’m in for trouble for a few days. Last year it was my birthday and my little granddaughter said to me, “Grammy, you need to have some of your birthday cake too.” So, foolishly, I thought, “Oh well, I’ve been symptom free for a long time so I could probably have a little piece without too much harm.” It took 6 weeks to clear up that flare up.

I hope this helps you.
Good luck,  jane
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I was just diagnosed with Candida. My test came out high. I'm on Dyfulcan and Nystatin at the same time and a very rigid diet. No yeast or fructose, My etc.

My doctor just told me that it takes months for the Candida to get under control.

Are you taking any anti-fungal meds?

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