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Cure Candida without Candida Diet?

I'm 16, and a few years back I was on a long course of antibiotics for acne. I randomly have started getting hives, only one or two a day. I mean completely random. Anyway after extensive research, I discovered I might have candida overgrowth. I have a range of other symptoms, including persistent bloating, constipation, brain fog, and I also have chronic health anxiety (which may or may not be related). I did the spit test, which worked and indicated that there was a candida problem.

Is there a way to kill off candida without fully going onto the diet? I've heard of drinking apple cider vinegar and also coconut oil, but is that enough? I plan to cut down on yeast and suger and the like, but can I simply maintain a balanced diet and just incorporate other things (like the vinegar)? I don't want to drastically affect my diet like that.

Also, is there a link between anaphylaxis and candida overgrowth? I only ask this because as I mentioned I have chronic health anxiety, which is strongly focused around anaphylaxis. That's a whole other issue, but I'm very cautious of eating at the moment and I just want some clarification. I've read a lot about candida and many sources say different things.
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