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Red blotches after shower? Hives?

Female, 16, no medication.

I know that it's normal to get red blotches following a hot shower, but it seems that these blotches have a very small welt in the middle? This has always happened to me, but it's only recently that I've taken note of it.

I have also been getting random hives that are different to these ones. Every few days I get a single mosquito bite looking hive. And when I say random, I mean random. Any part of the body, any time of the day, any location, and sometimes before I've eaten food at all.

In regards to the shower ones, I know about aquagenic urticaria, but I swim and have baths and it doesn't happen. I also know about cholinergic urticaria, but I don't seem to notice it when I exercise. Sometimes when I exercise my thighs get itchy, but I thought this was just because I'm unfit.

I've attached pictures of the hives, the first one is a close up after a shower (lukewarm water, 5 minutes max), the second is one on my upper arm (sorry for the poor quality), and the bottom one is after the same shower.

I don't know if the shower 'hives' and the others are related.

Any suggestions are welcome.
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I apologise, I wasn't supposed to put this in this group.
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