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missed period, white thick (not chunky) discharge, itching, and irritation?

Hi! As of lately, I have been experiencing some weird symptoms. First, I missed my period this month, and I have taken numerous pregnancy tests, and all came back negative. When my boyfriend and I have sex, it is always protected (condoms). For awhile now, I have had this thick, mucous like discharge of white color coming from my vagina... and it is especially noticeable after intercourse. It dries on the skin, leaving a clear film that chips off. To start, it didn't have any foul odor, but lately there is a little bit of a smell, but only I can smell it. It just doesn't smell clean. I take showers (not baths) and wash with Summers Eve vaginal wash. Now, I am noticing itchiness and irritation along with the discharge. It is rather annoying, and makes me feel really dirty. I got some of the Equate brand Monistat today (3 day suppositories) with the miconazole nitrate cream, and also got some vaginal itch cream as well, and plan on using it tonight after my shower before bed time. Is this leaning more towards BV? I am sort of scared that I could have left a tampon in or something a month ago, and that that may be why this is happening, or why I am not having a period. I am trying to cure it at home since I don't have any medical insurance at the moment. I've had one really bad infection before which accompanied a really bad sore on the inner lip of my vagina (does that make sense?) I know I didn't have an STD, because I was a virgin at the time. It was really horrible, and so painful... I had to miss school. I could hardly walk, and to urinate was excruciating, and when I went to the doctor they diagnosed it as a yeast infection and prescribed me lidocaine (which helped) and suppositories (which only seemed to make it worse). I also had fever, chills, and tremors. So, for my current condition, does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be, and what action I could take at home before heading to the doctors office? Thank you! (I am a 20 year old female, never been pregnant, not overweight, but my stress is moderate)
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