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Angina and/or risk for v-tack?

Hello, I am a 46 year old female. Since about 12 years i have been suffering from PVC, sometimes wery frequent, and PAC:s. Two years ago I was diagnosed vid EAT. I have approximately 3-4 attacks of EAT dayly, but they dont bother my so much. Handeling PVC:s are more difficult and this autumn i started to have quite a lot oft  them and now they comes when I move around, take walks, try to excersise och get emotionally upset. My cardiologist have taken a couple of resting ECG, which shows ST/T-changes, ST was lower than it supposed to be. In a stresstest a couple of weeks ago the same pattern appered, I Came back with ST-figures like - 0,7, - 1,4 at different points during the test and finally - 1,8 shortly before I stopped the test due to fatigue and dizziness. ST continued beeing low minutes after the test. I did not felt any chest pain during the test. The excersicetest as a hole showed poor condition, the blood pressure did not rise like it should (Diastolic  from 110 at rest to 140 at max. The doctor said it could depend on that I take betablockers for my arrythmia). The test also showed some PVC:s during excersise and a couple of couplets PVC. My cardiologiskt  now wants me to do a nuclear stress test.
The thing is that i get this anxiety spells every other day recently, I have interpreted them as panic attacks (since I have a history of panic) , but now I am afraid that they really signs of angina. They anxiety spells feels like I get no air, I am going to faint, I get a strange feeling in my chest, I feel nausious, I want to flee from the situation and I think I am going to die.
My qustions is:
1. What is the likelyhood of me having angina? I am not overweight, I have good colesterol, but i dont excersise, dont eat much vegetables and I use nikotinsnuff. My mother had her first heart attack when she was 65.
2. Are the couplets of PVC during stress/excersies dangerous?
3. Could my "panic attacks" actually ble angina? The pulse feels normal.

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Thanks for the question. The symptoms that you describe sound very consistent with panic attacks. Have you discussed them with your PCP or cardiologist. The likelihood that you have coronary ischemia or angina after you had a stress test which did not reveal ischemia is relatively low. Your cardiologist should be able to tell you the liklihood that this is angina based on your stress tes. PVRs that occur during exercise are not uncommon. It is not uncommon for people who use nicotine to have heart disease and you do have a family history. I would suggest modifying your diet to low sat fat, low salt and more exercise. Best of Luck
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