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Bradycardia, borderline Low LV EF, borderline high BP, PVCs on occasion....problem??

38, male, 5'7, 170, body fat ~14.5%, exercise regularly (tennis 3x/week, cardio at gym for 45-50 min at 80-85% HR Max (aerobic zone) 2-3x/week, weightlifting 2x/week. Exercising since 21. Non-smoker, no drugs or history of, no meds, drink once/week & have since college. No medical probs.  Family heart history:  largely ok--both parents are fine & are still alive at age 75 w/no known probs.

BP: 120-140 over 70-85.  Usually the diastolic is bordering high, systolic is usually around 70-72.  Father's side has high BP history.

This all began when I had PVCs, which medics have convinced me are benign.  I've had a few here & there ever since I first "felt them" at age 19 but in late 2009 they were frequent (100-200+/day).  Stress was also high at this time-I'm sure there was a connection in.  At any rate it prompted me to do full cardio evaluation at Kaiser.  EKG was fine.  Stress test fine (even good).  I was told Echo was normal.  I had 2 echo's done...2007 & Jan 2011.  I've lost the results from the 2011 test but my cardio said it was normal.  I DO have my 2007 results & I noticed a few things:

(1)  bradycardia--typically resting HR is 49-53.  I always thought this was due to exercise but now I'm not sure.
(2) Borderline low LV EF: 50%-55%.
(3) Mild mitral regurg.  Dr's said it's minor & he can't even detect it via stethoscope most of the time.
In tennis matches I often get winded after the first few long rallies of the match.  Oddly after as many as 2 or 3 hours later a long rally does not make me nearly as winded.  I also notice that if I walk up to say the 3rd floor of a building it feels like work.  I would think this would be a piece of cake for someone athletic.  So is my heart not working efficiently?  Could the bradycardia account for me feeling a bit more worked than I think I should after walking about a couple flights of steps?  Perhaps my HR just needs to be higher & it won't feel as strenuous?  My MAIN concern is: bradycardia & somewhat low LV EF.  

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It sounds like you are concerned about your heart rate in combination with your subjective feeling. Given your normal stress test additional tests that might be helpful to uncover an underlying occcult problem include a stress echo or a holter monitoring. Having said that, I would suggest that perhaps you should engage in an aroebic program that works on improving your cardiac tone ie the response to short bursts of effort. This might improve your subjective sensation with bursts of effort

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